2008 BJJ Pan-Ams Day 2 Live Updates

Here are some updates from the annual Brazilian jiu-jitsu Pan-Ams taking place today in Carson, California at Cal State Dominguez Hills campus. This will be pretty helter skelter as there are ten mats running at once so I will do my best to bring the information about the bigger names. Refresh often as I will try to update this page over the course of the day…

Black Belts

  • Roberto “Tuca” Alencar (Gracie Barra) lost to Fernando di Piero (Alliance Ecuador) on points in a first-round match.
  • Rick Macauley lost his first match.
  • Roberto Abreu is in progress against Ric Migliarese.
  • Tarsis Humphries won his first match by choke.
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. versus Otavio Souza in progress.
  • Roberto Abreu defeats Ric Migliarese on points.
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. (Saulo Ribeiro) escapes having his back taken by Otavio Souza (Gracie Barra).
  • Andre Galvao against Marcel Fortuna in progress.
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. attempting to mount Otavio Souza…
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. loses on points to Otavio Souza. The eye injury he sustained last week was not an issue.
  • Andre Galvao defeats Marcel Fortuna on points.
  • Luiz “Big Mac” Teodoro is in action against an unnamed opponent .
  • Luiz “Big Mac” Teodoro won his first match 2-0.
  • Andre Galvao defeats Fernando di Piera.
  • Roberto Tozi defeats Otavio Souza on points.
  • Roberto Abreu against Luiz “Big Mac” Teodoro is beginning.
  • Roberto Abreu loses on points to Luiz “Big Mac” Teodoro.
  • Roberto Tozi defeats a Gracie Barra opponent.
  • Big Mac versus Andre Galvao just started.
  • Big Mac is in Galvao’s guard, no surprise there.
  • At the very moment Andre Galvao sweeps Big Mac to the left, he sinks a choke from the guard and Big Mac taps!
  • I believe the finals for all black belt divisions, including the open weight divisions, will be held tomorrow. We are done for today for the black belts.

Brown Belts

  • Professional surfer Joel Tudor won his first match.
  • Chris Moriarty won his first match.
  • Chris Moriarty won second match quickly by triangle.
  • Joel Tudor won his second match.
  • Chris Moriarty has his hands full in his third match.
  • Chris Moriarty wins his third match.
  • Kron Gracie wins his first match by triangle with little trouble.
  • Joel Tudor defeats his fourth opponent by triangle.
  • Kron Gracie scores a takedown on his oponent, who is now playing inverted guard.
  • Kron Gracie chokes his opponent with the gi and wins his second match.
  • Kron Gracie is now facing his third opponent who he throws over his shoulder to begin the match.
  • I blinked and missed how Kron Gracie subbed his opponent. Kid Peligro tells me it was by choke.
  • Kron Gracie will be taking the mat in a moment. I could not hear who his opponent is.
  • Kron Gracie is on the mats against a very large Alliance brown belt. He’s being coached by his father Rickson Gracie.
  • Kron Gracie is taken down and his opponent is not given two points, drawing boos from the crowd. The ref may believe the competitors were out of bounds when it happened.
  • Kron takes his opponent’s back and secures the choke in short order.
  • Chris Moriarty wins another match, this time by kneebar. It looks like we’ll see Moriarty versus Kron in the finals.
  • Kron Gracie and Chris Moriarty are taking the mat.
  • Moriarty gets a takedown for two points. Kron has Moriarty in the guard and subs Moriarty by armbar in approximately ten seconds!
  • That is all for the brown belts today.

Purple Belt Females

  • Nyjah Easton (Lloyd Irvin) defeats Yasmin Sewgobind (Yamaksaki) on points.

Purple Belt Males

  • Ryan Hall (Lloyd Irvin) is warming up for his match against Clay Copeland (Saulo Ribeiro – Houston). Copeland won his first match on points 10-0.
  • Ryan hall is being coached by Lloyd Irvin and Jared Weiner, and Clay Copeland is being coached by Rafael Lovato Jr.. Both tried to pull guard, and now are both on the ground facing each other with their legs tied up.
  • Ryan Hall wins with a triangle attempt as the whistle blows in a very close match.
  • Ryan Hall versus Chace Wheaton (Alliance) in progress. Ryan Hall escapes a very close choke, and almost takes Chace Wheaton’s back, and attempts a choke. It is tied one advantage point a piece.
  • The match is stopped with 4:50 remaining while a small cut on Hall’s forehead is tended by the medics.
  • Back in action, Chace Wheaton wins 4-2 over Ryan Hall.
  • Tons of purple belts left for the day of all shapes and sizes.

That’s it for me for today. I will be heading back to the hotel to put together tomorrow’s episode of The FightWorks Podcast. If I can get a reliable power source and web access tomorrow, I will put together another play-by-play!

If you are here at the Pan-Ams, come join us for breakfast tomorrow. Details are here!

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