#102 Where Do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis Come From?

on the mat scotty
OTM’s Scotty in Hong Kong seaching for gi suppliers.

All brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners out there have intimate knowledge of the gi. You learn quickly which brands you like, what size works for you, you probably have your own care routine like washing it and air drying it, or washing it and putting several dryer sheets in there to make it soft for your oh-so-delicate skin. And we all wash our gis after every training session.

But how many of us know where our gi comes from? To answer that question we have Scotty from OnTheMat.com who just took a trip to Taipei, China, and Hong Kong in search of manufacturers for OTM’s Lucky Gi, among other merchandise.

In the conversation, cohost Dan and I reference Scotty’s blog which he updated during the trip which contains some pretty ridiculous stories. If you have a few minutes and need a laugh, definitely head over to OnTheMat.com for that.

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