European BJJ Championship Results

The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation has posted the results of last weekend’s European Championship of BJJ.

For the MMA fans out there, Renato “Babalu” Sobral competed this time around in the brown belt division, signing up for both his weight class and the open division. However the former UFC fighter did not place in either division.

Commentary around the event suggest that the quality of competition is rising quickly at this event, so keep an eye on Europe!

Here are the winners of the adult black belt division…


First Wekcilley Lima Swiss Morges Team

Second Pablo Teixeira Brazilian Fight

Super Feather

First Felipe Costa Brasa

Second Bernardo Pitel Nova União

Third Edvaldo Mota Gracie Barra Caveirinha

Third Rodrigo Pereira Integração


First Reinaldo Ribeiro Brasa

Second Anderson Ailva Alliance

Third Berilo Ferreira Junior Brazilian Top Team

Third Wellington Dias Gracie Humaita


First Michel Maia Sul JJ

Second Eduardo Pessoa Correa Nova União

Third Paulo Sergio de Souza Prana JJ

Third Augusto Mendes Renovação


First Alan do Nascimento Brasa

Second Otavio Souza Gracie Barra

Third Victor Estima Gracie Barra

Third Felippe Porto Brasa

Medium Heavy

First Alexandre de Souza Gracie Florianópolis

Second Ricardo Oliveira NCT Suisse

Third Eduardo Rios Brazilian Top Team

Third Flavio Serafim Brazilian Top Team


First Valdir Araujo de Lima Junior Osvaldo Alves

Second Renato Tavares de Moraes Frontline

Third Marcelo Bernardo Brazilian Power

Third Mariusz Linke Macaco Gold Team

Super Heavy

First Marcel Fortuna Gracie Florianópolis

Second Hakim Gouran BJJ Belgium

Third Alessandro de Oliveira Gracie Barra Nantes

Third Thiago Stefanutti Maromba JJ

SuperSuper Heavy

First Luis Felipe de Oliveira Godoi JJ Club

Second Marcio Corleta Winner

Third Jose Mario Rangel Carioca Brazilian JJ

Third Leonardo Ramos Gracie Barra Reus

Open Class

First Alexandre Souza Gracie Florianópolis

Second Luis Felipe Teodoro Godoi JJ Club

Third Flavio Serafim Brazilian Top Team

Third Victor Estima Gracie Barra

For the rest of the results, check out the IBJJF Results page.

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