#101 Sandro "Batata" Santiago and Tips for BJJ Beginners

sandro batata santiago
Sandro “Batata” Santiago in the blue gi works a sweep on an opponent.

This week on The FightWorks Podcast we speak with Sandro “Batata” Santiago, a black belt under Roberto “Gordo” Correa. Among several topics, Batata talks about common mistakes that Brazilian jiu-jitsu beginners make, as well as the care one should use when selecting a place to learn BJJ. Batata has been training Brazilian jiu-jitsu seventeen years and began when a friend who knew jiu-jitsu showed him that his early kickboxing experience was not enough to truly defend himself.

Cohost of The FightWorks Podcast Dan and I will also share a story or two about accidental bumps and bruises one gets when rolling with partners. Or in the case of my story, bumps and bruises I have recently accidentally given others.

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4 Replies to “#101 Sandro "Batata" Santiago and Tips for BJJ Beginners”

  1. The comment that Batata makes is one that I’ve heard several times from other black-belts about finding a qualified instructor. But for those who don’t live in areas where there is an abundance of BJJ schools to choose from and at best may only have a few blue-belts to train with, what then? Importing instructors is a costly endeavor with mixed results as it is difficult to find a long term solution. Until a black-belt is promoted locally, how do we best prepare those that are just starting?

  2. That’s a great question there is no easy answer to. But I had a conversation with FightWorks Podcast contributor Bruce Hoyer the other day on the same topic. Maybe we’ll get him on the show sometime soon to talk about this a little bit…

    Thanks for the comment!

    – Caleb

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