#98 Alex Brandao Translates BJJ Portuguese


Do you compete in Brazilian jiu-jitsu? Have you ever faced an opponent from Brazil? It can be tough when your opponent and his coach are communicating in Portuguese trying their best to make sure you get caught in a BJJ submission!

This week on The FightWorks Podcast, we get the inside scoop from Alex Brandao. Brandao is a black belt in BJJ under Fabio Santos from Porto Alegre, Brazil and often serves as a referee at the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s championships. He will share what some of the common things are that we may hear in Brazilian Portuguese from opponents during BJJ competition and what they are in English. Don’t compete again before listening to Brandao’s advice!

It’s also time to go over some annual business around here. Dan and I will also discuss the Best BJJ Blog of 2007, and go over some of our listeners’ BJJ resolutions for the new year!

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2 Replies to “#98 Alex Brandao Translates BJJ Portuguese”

  1. I’d be very interested in that list Dan mentioned, as I’ve been trying to get a BJJ glossary going on my blog to reduce some of my own confusion over all the different terms (e.g., is it flower sweep, pendulum sweep, see-saw sweep? Are they all the same thing, variations, or entirely different techniques?). I’d love to be able to update that with more Portuguese.

    On a related note, Will put something up along those lines on his blog a while back:


  2. This episode was very helpful. However I hope when Caleb posts the lsit he provide a phonetic spelling as well. NOt only is learning Portuguese useful for training, I think it is a good way to pay homage and respect to the culture and people that brought us this art we all love so much…BJJ.

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