Tell Us Your BJJ New Year's Resolution, Win a BJJ DVD

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A topic over at the NHBGear Forum got me thinking: “What is a good New Year’s Resolution for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu folks?”

Obviously it will differ for everyone. Some of the proposed New Year’s Resolutions on were things like:

  • improving my top game
  • to compete more
  • be better at escapes

How about you? What would you like to improve in 2008?

I would like to put together some content around this idea in our first episode The FightWorks Podcast of 2008, which will be available on January 6th. You can leave your BJJ New Year’s Resolutions in the comments section below or email me at c a l e b@t h e f i g h t w o r k s p o d c a s t.c om!

Oh and one more thing – one randomly selected person who sends me their BJJ New Year’s Resolution will receive a copy of Rigan Machado’s BJJ Camp DVD, courtesy of GrappleTV!

7 Replies to “Tell Us Your BJJ New Year's Resolution, Win a BJJ DVD”

  1. My BJJ NY’s resolutions would be as follows:

    1: Improve my physical conditioning to that of a decent competition purple belt, not just a part-timer, average joe, club purple.

    2: Work my back attacks, including transitions to and taking the back, maintaining position and working my finishes, particularly the RNC.

    3: Compete. Not done it in over 2 yrs now.

    4: Wrestle more. Good wrestling is hard to come by in the UK but that’s not to say you can’t get better at it. I want to become more dominant in the stand up phase so I can dictate where I want the fight to be and make my opponent always feel like they’re playing catch up.

    5: Lastly, I would really like to travel more and visit different clubs and roll with new bodies.

  2. Improve my conditioning, stamina, strength, and to to compete at a high level (pan-ams) and win my division.
    Also, I want to improve my take-downs for sudden death situations.

  3. My BJJ new years resolution would be to improve my takedowns and to try to compete in world class competitions

  4. My resolution is all about getting back to the basics and refining them even more. I’m not going to worry about the x-guard, octopus guard, or any other position like that, I want to get back to the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu. For me I will be placing a lot of concentration on escapes especially the mount and side mount. Guard Passing will be following right behind my escapes too.

    My other goal is to re-organize our club and to get my instructor out for more seminars. Doing this will definitely help spread the art of BJJ to more in my area.

  5. My resolution is to train more intelligently in terms of sticking to a strict development plan, so maximising the time that I train.

    Specifically, I want to work on my back control and choke game as well as my passing game.

    Adam Adshead

  6. I’ve been competing lots and not feeling like I’ve developed my game enough as I’m always going to competition mode (i.e. not trying new moves as much as I’d like). I just became a blue belt last year and I just feel so pressured.

    1) Enjoy BJJ more. Really enjoy it like I used to. I forgot what that was after I started competing.

    2) Choose three big competitions and focus just on those for now.

    3) Get better. As the blue belt division is such a vast difference of technique between fighters, I need to find myself submitting at least one or two guys that are my weight or less rather than feeling like I’m just defending all the time. Once I get to that point, I’ll feel confident to compete at Blue belt.

    4) Enjoy my conditioning and find new ways of doing it. I’m swimming and climbing loads. I’ll start cycling once the weather gets warm again.

    5) Make time for myself to relax both mentally and physically.

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