Fabio Santos, New BJJ Red and Black Belt

fabio SANTOS red black beltMargarida, Fabio Santos, and Relson Gracie. Photo courtesy of Drew Goodwin.

On Saturday, Fabio Santos joined Pedro Sauer in being those who were recently promoted to a truly elite class of Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners: those who hold the rank of red and black belt. Traditionally one must hold the rank of black belt for twenty years to be eligible for the promotion.Relson Gracie officially promoted Santos in a day full of BJJ that was described as “inspirational” by those who were present. Many of the region’s top BJJ practitioners were present for the ceremony, which began with a seminar from Relson. Those present included BJJ world champions Saulo Ribeiro, Xande Ribeiro, Fernando “Margarida” Pontes, Fabio Santos’ black belt Dean Lister.Congratulations to Fabio Santos!

Full disclosure: I train at Fabio Santos’ school (unfortunately I was away for the holidays and missed the promotion).

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  1. How is Dean even there ? he is the biggest Creonte EVER…these guys didn’t respect the order of things….CREONTES you can only get a black b elt from a second degree or third not sure which, BUT I AM sure you Creonte friend can’t give it to you

  2. Hey Caleb,
    I was lucky enough to be there. It was awesome. I was in awe most of the day. I step on the mat and there’s Margarida. “Holy !@#$.” I turn around and there’s Xande. “Holy !@#$.” And his brother. “Holy !@#$.” Truly inspiring is right.

    I also have some pix from the event if you want to take a look. Feel free to use whatever you need.


  3. I highly repect the gracie family they bring more than the martial art itself. Every seminar i been to, the gracie’s treat you with the greatest amount of respect. Gracie jiu-jitsu isn.t only a sport its a self defense that will save your life if it ever came to a life threatening situation. Gracie jiu-jitsu is fun, keeps you in shape, and makes you feel better, it’s like a therapy. I’ve trained with relson for 11 years now and in my opinion he’s the best teacher i’ve ever been with, he’s a true master. Pedro Sauer as well, very respectful talented man Congradulations Pedro! i pay all respect to Fabio. Congradulations Fabio! It’s a honor to become promoted i can only imagine how they feel about all they’ve acheived

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