FightWorks Podcast Studio on Holiday

That’s right Family – I received notice today from the powers that be that our beloved state of the art recording studio will be closed until January.

So there will be no new episodes of our Brazilian jiu-jitsu radio show until Sunday, January 6th.

I know, it sounds like forever to me too. I get serious separation anxiety with just the thought of being disconnected from the Mighty 600,000 of you.

Remember that there is still time to vote for The Best BJJ Blog of 2007, if you have not done so already. That poll ends on December 30th, which should give you time to check out all the candidates. We will announce the winner on December 31st.

I will leave you for now with Alicia Anthony’s photos from the 2007 BJJ No-gi World Championship. Lots of big names in there and unbelieveable matches, and Alicia’s done it again by providing an awesome history of the competition.

Happy holidays to all of you, and BE SAFE!

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