Ryan Gracie Arrested in Sao Paulo

ryan gracieAccording to O Globo, a newspaper based in Sao Paulo that is one of Brazil’s largest, Ryan Gracie has been arrested for stealing a car.

The article alleges that Ryan Gracie stole a Toyota Corolla but soon after crashed it into a parking barrier. Gracie, who was armed with a kitchen knife, fled and attempted to hijack a moped from one of the city’s many couriers. After dislodging the moped’s owner with the words “Get off the bike or I’ll kill you”, Gracie attempted to escape but was reportedly surrounded by other “motoboys” who detained Gracie and disarmed him. He was then taken into custody by the policia militar.

It is not the first time Ryan Gracie has had trouble with the authorities. According to O Globo, Gracie was arrested in September 2006 for aggravated assault, making threats, and resisting arrest.

Ryan Gracie remains in custody.

Thanks to FightLinker for the tip.