Super Challenge Official Results

The promoters of the Super Challenge have passed on the detailed results of the Super Challenge which took place in Sao Paulo on Saturday. The event pitted sixteen elite grapplers against each other in a one-night single tournament style competition. Rickson Gracie oversaw the event.

Super Challenge Grappling complete results:

Round of 16:
Demian Maia defeated Bruno Bastos 3-0
Xande Ribeiro beat David Avellan 8-0
Luiz Theodoro Big Mac defeated Rafael Lovato Jr 2-0
Cristiano Titi submitted Hyotaro Endo with a triangle choke at 1min38s of R1
Tarsis Humphreys defeated Shiko Yamashita 9-0
Gabriel Vella beat Eduardo Telles by judges’ decision
Antoine Jaoude defeated Leonardo Chocolate 1-0
Andre Galvao submitted Leonardo Peçanha with an armlock at 4min55s of R2

Luiz Theodoro Big Mac defeated Demian Maia by judges’ decision
Xande Ribeiro beat Cristiano Titi por 3-0
Tarsis Humphreys submitted Antoine Jaoude with a leg lock at 49s of R2
André Galvão defeated Gabriel Vella 3-1

Luiz Theodoro Big Mac defeated Tarsis Humphreys 1-0
Xande Ribeiro beat André Galvao by judges’ decision

Third place decision:
Tarsis Humphreys defeated Andre Galvao 6-4

Xande Ribeiro defeated Luiz Theodoro Big Mac by judges’ decision

Big Mac’s loss was his second appearance in the second place spot this year. In the super heavyweight division of the Brazilian jiiu-jitsu world championships held in Los Angeles, Theodoro lost to Xande Ribeiro’s student Rafael Lovato Jr. That match also had a 0-0 score when time ran out.

Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro, for his part, has had a phenomenal year. Xande won the heavyweight division of the BJJ world championships and placed third in the absolute division, coming in behind Roger Gracie and Romulo Barral, respectively.

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