Sim Go Promoted to Black Belt

simpson go marc laimon rafael lovato
Marc Laimon hugs Sim Go after awarding the black belt. Rafael Lovato Jr., world champion in the 2007 BJJ black belt super heavy weight division is in the lower right corner. Photo courtesy Ulysses Gomez.

Last night in Las Vegas, Simpson “Bear Tamer” Go, was awarded his black belt last night by his teacher Marc Laimon at Cobra Kai. This is Marc Laimon’s first time promoting a student to the rank of black belt. Sim Go boasts Abu Dhabi competition victories over Ricky Lundell, Jeff Glover, and Dave Jacobs.

The promotion of Sim Go to black belt reinforces the already impressive roster of high end grapplers at the school, which in addition to Laimon and Go, boasts the teaching skills of Jeff Glover and Scott Bieri.

If you’d like to get to know a little about Sim, you can check out the interview with him here on The FightWorks Podcast about a year ago.

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  1. I tried accessing the interview but your iTunes only starts from episode 68 and your mp3 link doesn’t work.


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