New Features at

OTM has made another evolutionary step forward in serving the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community. I’ll just highlight some of the new site features as you really shouldn’t spend too much time here on it, but should head over to and check them out yourself.

  • Blogs: Anyone who has ever registered on the forum at OTM now has the ability to create their own blog. The more BJJ content out there the better!
  • Image hosting: Post your BJJ and grappling images and photos on OTM servers for all the world to see!
  • Video: OTM’s video library must be the largest on the planet. They’ve begun porting all those classics to a new, more familiar Youtube-like format right on OTM. You can even upload your own videos!

All in all, great opportunities for getting more user-generated BJJ & grappling content out there. Kudos, OTM!

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