Have You Ever Been Choked Unconscious in MMA or BJJ?

Have you ever been choked unconscious due to a submission hold in MMA or BJJ? I know I have. I was a white belt and under the assumption that it is impossible to be choked while you have the guy in your guard. Well, for the record you can be choked by the guy who is in your guard if you’re not smart enough to push him away with your legs so the force of his punch-choke is removed.

If you’ve ever been choked unconscious, please email me at caleb AT thefightworkspodcast D0T com. No, I am not a lawyer seeking clients for injury claims. I would like to do a story on this topic for our an upcoming episode of The FightWorks Podcast. 🙂

When I was choked unconscious by my opponent, it took me a second to figure out what had happened. The good-natured laughing that my teammates were doing all around me was a little embarrassing, but I did learn right then what it feels like to be on your way to la-la land. Now I know to tap!

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  1. Sure. I’m not sure what you want to know, though? And NEVER tap to a choke, ever.

    It doesnt hurt, it doesnt injure, it feels kind neat in a weird way, but I prefer to be the one doing the choking…:)

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