Urban Gorillaz Southern Open BJJ Tourney Report

The United Kingdom-based grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu event organization Urban Gorillaz held its first grappling tournament of the fall on September 30th. With 240 adult competitors and forty-five children representing twenty-five distinct training associations, the competition was a great success.

The event featured a superfight between Claudio “Mineiro” Enrique (Brasa) and Nicolas Gregoriades (Roger Gracie).

Claudio who makes his MMA debut in November came out with all guns blazing, taking Nic down twice in a matter of minutes, then almost getting his back a few times, going to the mount and placing on an ‘Americana’ only to be reversed and having to escape a choke and then escaping an arm bar himself. He eventually finished Nic with a choke in the final few seconds of the fight.

Gregoriades, who blogs at The Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood, can be seen here in the blue gi almost catching Henrique in a gi choke, only to fall prey to a similar choke later in the match.

Images courtesy James Oluoch-Olunya.

The next Urban Gorillaz event is scheduled for Sunday November 25th 2007 in Birmingham. For details, keep an eye on The European Fight Network.

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