No Show This Weekend!

Sorry for the late notice! It’s my birfday this weekend (that’s right, all weekend) and honestly it’s been muy loco around here. When you put those two things together, it means it’s time for a break here at The FightWorks Podcast main recording studios here in San Diego. I’ve declared it a no-work-weekend for all FightWorks Podcast production staff. Those of you in the data center and in other operational roles – I’m sorry, but there’s still the 600,000 out there counting on you to make sure all the old episodes of the show can still be downloaded. We’ll drink a toast to you while we’re out celebrating in Tijuana.


Hasta pronto, cabrones!

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  1. Why!!!! I sit here all week looking forward to your podcast it’s about the only fun thing I do at work and you guys cancel on us.

    Otherwise Happy Birthday and I hope you had a great time.

    Roger Gracie Academy London.

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