Jeff Glover Highlight Video from ADCCs

There were a lot of great things to watch at this year’s ADCC‘s. A few from that weekend had to do with Jeff Glover, the 145 pound black belt product of Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller, who currently teaches at Marc Laimon’s Cobra Kai in Las Vegas. Here are some that I remember:

  • Jeff Glover versus Leo Viera was my favorite match of the event, which is saying a lot given how much there was to see there (yes, even bigger than Robert Drysdale beating Marcelo Garcia). Seeing two agile, quick, creative and clever grapplers like that live at the elite level is really something special. Trying to get my head around watching those two spin all over the mats forced a mental system error and I had to reboot.
  • Jeff Glover at the Marines advertising booth where they had a pull up bar for folks to show off how many pull ups they could do. Let’s just say that a small crowd was around and after doing a respectable amount (many more than I can do) Jeff lost his grip and fell off backwards flat on his ass, cracking the crowd up.
  • The Jeff Glover highlight video being shown on the jumbotron, which I’ve pasted below from YouTube. I’ve wondered about this vid since seeing it there and it looks like the creator posted it online for us to enjoy. Thx grapplechaun, whoever you are!

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  1. Grapplecaun is Cade Nelson, Scotty’s younger brother. We’ll get it back up on OTM at some point. Speaking of videos, we have a surprise in the works….

  2. Jeff glover… Man how are you doing… I’m glad to see that you’re doing extremely well… I remember when we use to wrestle in your living room as kids… And in High School we would take it to the mat… Oh man good times… Well old and best friend… Keep up the good work… Lots of love from this beaner…

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