Conference Call Notes for the September 15 ProElite

Our very own Bruce Hoyer was on a call Thursday with fighters and management who are preparing the upcoming EliteXC: Uprising, which airs on Showtime at 10pm EST on September 15th. Here are Bruce’s questions to some of the call attendees…

Bruce Hoyer: Gary I know that you’ve been working on really developing Gina Carano as a fighter. Who else do you have in mind for developing in that female division?

Gary Shaw: I have my eyes on three females right now, none of which are signed, but I promise you by September 15th I will make that announcement. But Gina took women’s MMA on her back on her first fight with Julie Kedzie on ShowTime and proved to everybody she’s a real fighter, proved that women can be exciting fighters, and she’s now given me the impetus to go out and sign more women fighters like Gina that are coming into that cage to fight.

BH: Now that you guys have recently added the ShowXC portion to your brand, how often do you plan on putting that card out there?

Gary Shaw: That’s a very good question. I am just in talks with Ken Hershman from ShowTime. I believe we have two more scheduled for this year: one in October and one in December. I think it’s December seventh and October 26th. And hopefully we’re going to bring you eight to ten of those shows next year on ShowTime. And again I have not sat down with Ken Hershman from ShowTime and put that in stone, but that right now is the plan. I hope you’re enjoying the shows and I hope you see the value in them. We’re trying to bring new stars to the television, to the eyeballs, to show how many great fighters there are out there, and move them, and get them the opportunity to go from ShowXC on to big time EliteXC on ShowTime.

Jake ShieldsBH: This question is for Jake. Obviously [your opponent] Charuto‘s a very good ground guy, you are as well. How do you expect it to go if you guys both end up on the ground?

Jake Shields: I’ve gone against so many Abu Dhabi [grapplers], and all those guys from top jiu-jitsu competitions, so I think I’m fine on the ground. I think he might be hard to submit. I am definitely capable of submitting him, but I hold an advantage on top, you know, open him up with elbows, and ground and pound. I am looking to hopefully keep the fight on the feet. But there’s always definitely a chance it’ll be on the ground. You know if he’s on top I don’t want to be there; I’ll just try to get back to my feet.

Gina CaranoBH, to Gina Carano: Regarding the training at Randy Couture‘s gym, how has that improved your game? Have you trained with him at all? Have you gotten a little better in wrestling?

Gina Carano: Yeah before I was at Randy’s, I didn’t have anybody to put my MMA game together for me. I would go do my my boxing, my muay-thai, and my jiu-jitsu all at different places. So, when I went over to Randy’s, that all kind of got put together for me and I’ve been training in the pro practices for my fights and that’s been a good experience just to see what MMA training is like. I haven’t gotten the chance to work with Randy that much because he was training for his fight [against Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 74], so I’ve just been working with everybody there, but everybody we’ve got there at Extreme Couture is amazing, so I hope my fight game has improved somewhat!

BH: Jake, you’ve fought for a bunch of different organizations recently and now you’re with EliteXC. Going forward, what’s your future look like? Do you plan on staying with EliteXC or do you plan on moving around as well?

Jake Shields: I really let my manager handle that but so far I’ve really been liking how Showtime’s been treating me. Hopefully I’ll stay here. I’ve got one more fight in my contract after [my fight against Renato “Charuto” Verissimo]… they’ve been treating me well, everything’s going good so right now my plans are most likely to stay with ProElite.

BH: You have a win over Carlos Condit. Any chance that you might go over to the WEC?

Jake Shields: It hasn’t really ever been a serious consideration, I mean I let my manager sort everything out. So, you never know, if it was the right situation I might go over there to beat Condit again but I don’t really have any serious plans of going over there.

ShowTime has been running a well-done pre-event program running now which documents the preparation of various fighters on the card, including Robbie Lawler, Murilo Rua, Cesar Gracie fighters Jake Shields and Nick Diaz, and Renato Verissimo and Mike Aina, of BJ Penn‘s gym in Hawaii. Worth checking out if you haven’t already!

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