Breaking News: Rickson Gracie Confirms He Plans to Fight on New Years Eve

Over a year ago here on The FightWorks Podcast, we spoke with Breno Sivak, who is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu from Gracie Humaita in Rio de Janeiro. Sivak has been a long time friend of Rickson Gracie, and in our conversation claimed that Rickson was preparing to fight another mixed martial arts fight in December 2006.

Sivak’s claim was dismissed as rumor by some, but this weekend at the Brazilian jiu-jitsu Mundials in Los Angeles, I spoke with Rickson Gracie personally and asked if there was any truth to Sivak’s statement. Rickson confirmed that he does indeed still intend to fight and is currently in negotiations with multiple MMA promotions to fight on December 31, 2007.

So while Breno’s statement was not entirely spot on, in essence he was indeed correct that Rickson Gracie is still looking for another chance to demonstrate the skills of the “Lion of the Gracie family”. Rickson will be travelling back to Brazil and has plans for Japan before the end of the year. We will let you know when we learn more.

Rickson Gracie

16 Replies to “Breaking News: Rickson Gracie Confirms He Plans to Fight on New Years Eve”

  1. Tudo bem, peguei pesado, gostaria de entrar em contato com Rickson, acho um atleta completo, tanto fisico como mentalmente, assistir a um documentário dele e fiquei encantada, sou admiradora da arte e pratico jiu-jitsu…seria muito bom poder aprender com ele pelo menos 1/13 de seu conhecimento…

  2. Rickson is the greatest MMA ever. I sincerely believe he would defeat Fedor in his prime. He was the most adept technician I have ever seen, and if he does in fact decide to fight again, his opponent no matter who it is, will be in for a long [or should I say short] night!

  3. ive been born in to martial arts and ifeel the art is not art any more….ufc and all that is kiiling the art….and if you give me the time to tell you what i mean it would be the best thing for you and me and rest of the world.i have the most respect for you ..give me chance

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