Art of War Conference Call Notes

Art of War

Today the Art of War, the Dallas-based MMA promotion held a conference call in anticipation of its upcoming Art of War 3 event to take place on September 1st in Dallas at the American Airlines Center.

Pedro Rizzo, who’ll be taking on Jeff Monson characterizes the matchup as a striker versus grappler and believes Monson will try to take the fight to the ground. Although he believes Monson should be counted among the best grapplers out there, Rizzo is not concerned as he believes his own ground work has improved. Rizzo as been preparing for his bout against Jeff Monson with training partners Andre Pederneiras, Minotauro, Comprido, and Murilo Bustamante.

Salt Lake City-based Jeremy Horn will be taking on Brazilian Jorge Santiago. When asked if he believes his own extensive history will provide any significant advantage over Santiago, Horn responded that Santiago trains with a great team and he doubts that it will play a significant role. Horn has been active training others out of his own gym and he did mention the stresses of running a gym. However he responded that he does see himself fighting five years from now.

Grappling notable Jeff Monson has been preparing at the Red Corner Gym in Coventry, England. Red Corner is a primarily a pro boxing gym although Brazilian jiu-jitsu star Braulio Estima and other grapplers do assist Monson in his preparation. Monson will return to the USA shortly to resume his training with the American Top Team. An Art of War representative offered that Ricco Rodriguez is Jeff Monson’s substitute if Monson cannot make the event for some reason.

Art of War appears to want to continue the theme of having “national teams” possibly competing against each other. Art of War 4 will likely be held in October and will feature a North versus South theme, and Art of War 5 should take place in December with the theme being USA versus Russia. Future events may be based around matchups against China, and Mexico.

Art of War 3 will cost $29.95 in the United States and will be available on InDemand. Pricing for Canada is forthcoming.

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