Tell Us Your Supplement Regimen, Enter to Win a Training DVD!

Want a free combat sports DVD? We know that many of you out there who read this site and listen to The FightWorks Podcast currently train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts. With all of the talk surrounding what athletes put in their bodies these days, we wanted to know what our listeners are taking. If you can let us know your answers to the following by sending an email to caleb (at) thefightworkspodcast (d0t) com by this Thursday at 5pm PST and you’ll be entered to win one of two combat sports DVDs we’re giving away from our grab bag of prizes here at The FightWorks Podcast.

Tell us:

  • What are the top three most important supplements you take and why?
  • What benefits do you see from the supplement?
  • What side effects or drawbacks of the supplement(s) do you see?
  • How much/how often do you take it and when?

All responses are completely anonymous. Remember, we need your responses ASAP so don’t put it off! Shoot us a note now! We’ll go over the results of the data and the winners on the next episode of the show!

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