Visit to Ralph Gracie's Mountain View Academy

On Friday and Saturday I had the great opportunity train in Ralph Gracie’s academy in Mountain View, California. The school has been around for over ten years and is the place where such names as BJ Penn and Dave Camarillo began their Brazilian jiu-jitsu careers, and is also the home base for’s Gumby.

Friday was open mat and a great way to introduce myself to the friendly and very tough bunch of guys and girls who train there. On Saturday Gumby showed a very effective guard pass from open guard and the class came to a close with some sparring. The day wound down with a barbeque at Gumby’s house for the friends from the academy.

Just wanted to show my appreciation for the great training and above all, the hospitality the whole group showed me while I visited. One of the special things about Brazilian jiu-jitsu is that you can visit new places and after some sparring with the locals feel like you have real friends in a new town.

Thank you Batata, Gumby, Will, Misho, Machine, Don, Kiram, Scott, Viking, Ross (I’m jealous of your iPhone!), Yumi, Dorian, Marcus, Constantine, Maurice and all the other great people at Ralph’s Mountain View school.

Ralph Gracie Mountain View Academy

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