Robin Gracie Comments on Royce Gracie Steroid Accusations

As listeners to The FightWorks Podcast know, we’ve been closely following the story of Royce Gracie and the California State Athletic Commission’s claims that Royce tested positive for large amounts of performance enhancing drugs. Since the CSAC announcement, Royce has been on vacation in Spain and largely unreachable for comment on the allegations.

Robin Gracie is Royce’s younger brother and has taught BJJ in Spain since November of 1998, recently opening a new academy in Barcelona. We contacted Robin by email to see if Robin had spoken to his brother on the allegations of steroid use and gather Robin’s own thoughts. We received this response:

I have only seen my brother one day since he arrived here because he’s on vacation but I’m not. Royce does not have American television nor internet access here, in the short time that I was with him I did not ask him about (the allegations), but I do not believe he has taken anything, we will have to wait to see what he says.

Original text: yo solo vi a mi hermano un dia desde que llegó aqui porque el está de vacaciones pero yo no. Royce… no tiene canales de television americanos ni tampoco internet,en el poco tiempo que estuve con el no le he preguntado nada de este tema,pero yo no creo que Royce haya tomado nada,habrá que esperar para saber lo que dice.

Gracie Barcelona

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