Total Combat 21 in San Diego

The last time I went to a Total Combat show was about one year ago when it was held in the aging iPayOne Center here in San Diego. The event marked the MMA debut of a gentleman named Thierry Sokoudjou, now on everyone’s radar after having knocked out Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Ricardo Arona in his last two appearances. It’s hard to believe the transformation Sokoudjou’s made over the past twelve months, considering in his debut appearance he eked out a rather unnotable decision victory over Gary Padilla.

Similar to the emergence Sokoudjou has made, Total Combat seems to me to be a very different animal entirely than the promotion I saw last July. I will be honest with you: I left before the fights ended last time. The fighters seemed very mismatched, making for quick and lopsided victories, and the amount of time the Total Combat ring girls, the “Combat Dolls”, spent dancing far outweighed the time one spent watching fights. This time around however, the fighters were much more evenly matched, and the dancing was judicious. (I have to give my vote to Total Combat for having the most attractive ring girls of all MMA promotions.) I’m sure my change of opinionis also due to it being held in a much nicer and more intimate venue, a place called the 4th & B.

Chuck Graves attempting a submission on Frank Lester
Chuck Graves in one of his multiple submission attempts against Frank Lester

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was on hand to enjoy the fights, and was quickly swarmed by fans for the duration of the night. Like Tim Sylvia, Rampage seems to be wearing his belt whenever he goes out in public since his victory over Chuck Liddell. Unlike Tim Sylvia, I don’t think Rampage will take much slack for it. Rampage has fan goodwill in surplus. Other MMA fighters of renown who were present included Jason Lambert, Eddie Sanchez, Dean Lister, and of course Thierry Sokoudjou.

Total Combat Combat Dolls
Two of the Combat Dolls

Fight Results

In sum it was a terrific night and I will definitely try to not miss future events. Thank you Total Combat for renewing my faith in local shows.

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