Get to Know Demian Maia, ADCC Champion & MMA Fighter

Folks who’ve been following this site since our reporting of the 2007 Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Submission Grappling Championship should remember the name Demian Maia, the Brazilian grappler from Team Brasa who won the 77 – 87KG weight division at the tournament. Those with their ears firmly to the ground on the MMA scene also know that Maia is fighting in the Gracie Fighting Championships this weekend in Columbus, Ohio.

For American fans it should be a chance to witness an amazing grappler expand his nascent mixed martial arts skills, as they’ll also be able to do at the same event with BJJ star Jacare. Currently Maia is 4-0 in MMA according to Sherdog (note to Sherdog Fight Finder crew: you have what appears to be a duplicate entry for a “Damian Maia”).

Off the mats, Maia gives the impression that he’s got a background in marketing, as he appears to have invested a considerable amount of work into letting fans get to know him over one of the web’s most popular media: online video. You can check out a page he’s built for himself at At the moment he’s uploaded six videos of his competition footage, which include a win over the aforementioned Jacare and even Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga. If fortune is on his side, he’ll be able to include an update after this weekend reflecting a victory over his opponent Bill Vucick.

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  1. I know that to many UFC fans and fighters he might be the ultimate ‘teh gay’ who likes to lie down too much but Maia is in the same line as the Macello Garcias and Eddie Bravo in BJJ.

    Its a pleasure to see him fight and hope he makes it to Japan eventually to fight in front of a SENGOKU crowd.

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