IFL in Uncasville: Pitbulls beat Wolfpack, Dragons beat Scorpions

The International Fight League made a stop yesterday in Uncasville, Connecticut for a team matchup. The Mohegan Sun Arena hosted the encounter between the Toronto Dragons and the Tucson Scorpions, and New York’s Pitbulls against the Portland Wolfpack.

Carlos Newton’s Dragons defeated Don Frye’s Scorpions four out of the five matches yesterday. Mike Whitehead, still undefeated in his IFL career, was the only Scorpion to earn a “W” in his first round TKO against Canadian Wojtek Kaszowski, the 205 pounder for the Dragons. The Scorpions, now 0-2 in team competition continue to struggle and will not find themselves in the playoffs of this first full season in the IFL.

Mike Whitehead pounds Wojtek Kaszowski
Mike Whitehead (Scorpions) on top of Wojtek Kaszowski (Dragons)

Meanwhile coach Renzo Gracie’s Pitbulls, now 2-0 in team competition this year, continue to do well. Their opponents, Matt Lindland’s Wolfpack, were coached by substitute Kevin Jackson and put up a tougher fight than the Scorpions did in their loss, losing three of the five fights. The Pitbulls’ 205 lb. Jamal Patterson, known for being successful on the grappling circuit, likely did not break much of a sweat in his thirty-seven second win by guillotine in the first round of his match against Matt Horwich. Patterson’s two Brazilian teammates who helped the Pitbulls along to their 3-2 victory, Fabio Leopoldo and Delson Releno, took all three rounds to achieve their decision victories over their respective opponents, Gerald Harris and Mike Dolce.

Ryan Schultz shoots on Joe Sampieri
Ryan Schultz (Wolfpack) catches a knee on his way in for a shot against Joe Sampieri (Pitbulls)

The IFL’s next event will take place at the Sears Centre in Chicago on May 19, as the regular season begins to wind down.

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