Fighters Only Magazine Covers Grappling in MMA

For those who have a legitimate news stand in their area, which I’d imagine is most folks these days, check out the March issue of Fighters Only Magazine. The editorial crew at this UK mixed martial arts magazine contacted myself and Jude Samuel of The European Fight Network to discuss the influence of grappling in the world of MMA.

They’ve got some great photography of some of the more well known MMA fighters competing in submission grappling, like Randy Couture in his match against Jacare in the last Professional Submission League, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, and George St. Pierre in their own respective sub grappling matches.

A very lengthy article, it covers the trajectory of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission grappling from Rio de Janeiro, its mix with traditional wrestling, and its eventual birth into the ring in contemporary mixed martial arts.

i believe this issue may have already hit the stands in the United Kingdom but should be arriving shortly on North American outlets, if it hasn’t yet.

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