Internet Search Trends in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Dan and I have covered this before in our conversations during The FightWorks Podcast, but every once in a while it’s worth looking at again. Using Google Trends, we can discover where people are searching for a certain term the most. Naturally we’re most interested in seeing where people search the web for the term “Brazilian jiu-jitsu” the most. Here’s a screen shot of the results I was given when I searched on “Brazilian jiu-jitsu” using Google Trends this evening.

What we see is pretty self explanatory, and not too much of a surprise, but the conclusions that we can draw are that no where is BJJ more popular than in California, which takes three out of the top four spots. What is surprising is that Washington DC is so high on the list. The last time I looked I don’t recall it being on the map. Atlanta has always been high on the list and seems to remain in the middle range.

And where’s the UK? I suspect there’s something a bit awry in the stats when they say that Poland searches for the term “Brazilian jiu-jitsu” more than London, especially considering that the word for “Brazilian” in Polish is probably not “Brazilian”.

In any case taken with a grain of salt these are fun to look at. For an updated view of where the term “Brazilian jiu-jitsu” is searched for the most, click here.

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