Can you make a living in submission grappling?

Personally, it’s probably a little early for everyone to quit their day jobs, but the reason I ask is that I just had a conversation that’ll wind up in the next episode of The FightWorks Podcast on Sunday about a certain high-profile submission grappling tournament taking place next week. Boy let me tell you the prizes out there are getting really large. It’s starting to really seem like no-gi competitions are getting major mojo from sponsors.

As Jude Samuel and I discussed in our conversation a couple of weeks ago, there’s an upcoming event in March called the 10K Challenge where the prize is £10,000, or $18,551! Sure, you’d have to come out on top in a group of 31 other internationally recognized grapplers, but that’s some cash that isn’t seen often.

Keep an ear out for our next episode of the show to hear how large the sums are we’re talking about. And in the meantime, speaking of ever larger prizes at a grappling event, at On The Mat you can check out a video of the guy who won a 32 inch plasma TV at the Budweiser Nationals recently!

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