#25 Breno Sivak and News from Rio

breno sivak
Breno Sivak.

Episode 25 of The FightWorks Podcast starts with coverage from the East Coast Grappling Championships 2 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We speak with Chris Moriarty, who beat Marcos “Yemaso” Torregossa in a very technical fight in the no-gi professional division and took home a $1,000 purse, and then speak with Andrew “Goatfury” Smith, the tourney organizer who gives advice for those wishing to start their own event. Our main feature comes to us from Rio: Breno Sivak, long time friend of the Gracie family and black belt who updates us on news from Brazil including the rumors of Rickson Gracie‘s return to the mixed martial arts scene! Finally, this episode has another installment of our regular feature called The Black Belt Corner, with Lloyd Irvin black belt Mike Moses.

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2 Replies to “#25 Breno Sivak and News from Rio”

  1. Dear Breno, jusr saying hi from Melbourne. Might have a young guy (16 years old ) keen to come over and stay for quite a while. He’s obsessed with BJJ and looking to teach for my organisation in the future. Fancy looking after him for a while? Could bring out the Father figure in you ( is there one? )

    Hope youre well mate

    Rob Williams

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