The FightWorks Podcast is Not Dead

Here at The FightWorks Podcast headquarters, we’ve been receiving messages like this tweet recently:

..and email like this:

When will you release a new podcast. The latest I have is Dec 2012. Thnx
– Bill in Maryland

Perhaps most touching is this week-old forum post over on the Underground passed along to us by good friend and FightWorks Podcast contributor Bruce Hoyer. I’ll let you go check it out (it’s not long) but suffice to say that the comments are very appreciated. As I’ve said in the past, the only fuel in the FightWorks Podcast engine over the years has been you guys’ positive feedback that we put out content you liked.

As for the future, I can’t say exactly when there will be another episode. What I do know is that I’m not ready to hang up the gi and I’m not ready to shut down the FightWorks Podcast, so there will be more from us. We’re just hibernating right now.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us over email or twitter. You can also send me a message live during BudoVideos’ broadcasts of IBJJF events using the chat rooms available on the Budo site. Who knows, there may even be one of our classic Breakfasts with the Family before the upcoming IBJJF World Championship in June! Let me know if you’re interested!

2011 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship This Weekend!

I don’t normally say this, but our website is not someplace you should be this weekend! Assuming you are not physically in the Long Beach area and attending the 2011 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship in person, the only place you should be online is watching the action live over at! (Full disclosure: I’ll be part of the broadcast team again!)

However if you can be there, come hang out and have a coffee with us!

Hope to see you one way or another! This is the best weekend of every year for BJJ people around the world!

Coffee with the Family, 2011 BJJ World Championship Edition!

Hey! Are you going to attend the 2011 IBJJF World Championship in Long Beach? If you will be there, make sure you get up early and stop by the Long Beach Marriott that morning to grab some coffee with us!

When: 06/05/2011 7am-8am

Where: Breakfast Lounge inside Long Beach Marriott 4700 Airport Plaza Drive Long Beach, California 90815

Why: Talk about results so far from the BJJ Mundials, make a prediction or two about the Absolute divisions to follow later that day, hang out with extended members of the BJJ family

This is something we’ve been doing for a few years now. I believe our first time was at the 2008 BJJ Pan Am Championships!

In fact we even got an email last week asking if we were going to get together:

I was wondering if you are planning to have a breakfast this year before the Worlds on Sunday the 5th. I will be attending the event and I’m a long time listener of the show. If its possible I would love to come shake your hand and talk about Jiu Jitsu with you and some other listeners. I’m getting really excited to see the Worlds although I’m a bit bummed that Xande is not competing and Roger may not make it either. Talk to you guys soon, and I’ll be looking for some info on the breakfast on the next show.


I know this time around it’s a little early. Normally we would not gather at 7am, but because I have to be “on deck” for the broadcast with at nine, 7am is the best way to go without rushing things.

The Last FightWorks Podcast of 2010: Rorion Gracie

rorion gracie jiu-jitsu academy
The sign outside the Gracie Academy in Torrance, California

This has been quite a year for us, hasn’t it? Yes I guess you’re right – I guess when your criteria for “time well spent” is doing anything related to jiu-jitsu, every year is a good one here at FightWorks Podcast headquarters and for the Mighty 600,000.

As we go into our normal winter hiatus for holiday R&R, I am very happy to bring you what I consider one of our biggest interviews of the entire year. Our final guest on The FightWorks Podcast this coming Sunday will feature a long conversation with Helio Gracie’s oldest son Rorion Gracie.

If there is one important person in the world of influential jiu-jitsu personalities who we have wanted to sit down with, it’s Rorion. Rorion was responsible for creating the UFC, where his brother Royce demonstrated the effectiveness of the Gracie family’s jiu-jitsu. In some way or another this brought jiu-jitsu to you, me, and all of our similarly addicted friends.

I am very happy because this interview is one of those “must do before dying” sort of things and now I can cross it off the list. I think many of the questions you may have wanted to ask Rorion will be in our conversation. Let your friends know, and make sure you tune in this Sunday!

BJJ Blog of the Year (Non) Update

I mention this in the new show we have coming for you on Sunday, but I wanted to also put it in writing here on the site: despite what I said over the summer, there will be no BJJ Blog of the Year contest in 2010. The same things that are keeping me from putting out shows as regularly as we used to are keeping me from putting together a legitimate BJJ Blog of the Year contest.

Unfortunately to do it right, I have to coordinate judges, prizes, get voting going, and there are a handful of things going on that are keeping me from those. So I have to tap on this one. I’m really sorry because I know it can be a lot of fun and it certainly is an opportunity for those really entertaining and fun BJJ bloggers out there to get some recognition they deserve because they really do work hard all year.

But, the one thing I can do is once again offer the list of BJJ blogs that I read and/or scan every day. One of the missions we’ve had here at The FightWorks Podcast has always been to provide some BJJ content for you so you can feed the itch for BJJ when you are not able to be out on the mats and by following the instructions below you will have a lot of fresh, new, and fun BJJ content delivered right to you all day long. Some of the authors are very high end jiu-jitsu champions, and some are white belts. (And a lot of them are female, and honestly I think sometimes they make better bloggers! You be the judge.)

So, here goes.

I’m attaching something to this post called an OPML file. Basically it’s a file you upload (“import”) into Google Reader. (I can’t promise it will work in other readers.) This OPML file contains the RSS feeds of more than 300 BJJ blogs. Here’s what you do:

  1. Download the OPML File of BJJ Blogs Here and save it to your desktop.
  2. Open Google Reader.
  3. Click Manage Subscriptions in the bottom left of Google Reader.
  4. Now find Import/Export and upload the file you just saved to your desktop.

After you import this file, Google Reader will display the contents of the newly updated BJJ blog whenever any of these BJJ bloggers write something new!

Don’t worry, not all of the 300+ blogs put out new content every day. Some come and go, and a few have even mostly gone silent. In any case you can use Google Reader to nuke the ones you don’t like, and keep the ones you enjoy.

So while there’s no BJJ Blog of the Year Contest (I really am sorry), hopefully this helps the community by giving BJJ Bloggers some new readers and also giving the greater community lots of great jiu-jitsu content to read.

(And for those who are wondering whether we’ll do the random drawing gi giveaway from for contributors of Tournament Review Tuesday pieces, that’s still a go. That’s very easy to pull off. Stay tuned…)

No Show This Weekend

Sergio Moraes (left) against Kron Gracie at the 2010 BJJ World Championship. Photo courtesy cohost Dan.

Hey Family,

Not the news I like to deliver but sometimes there’s just not enough hours in a week, you know what I mean? I have been traveling for my job the majority of this week and was not able to set aside any time to put something together. I think I could have made a show in the last day or so but I don’t want to throw quality out the window and do a show just just for the sake of saying I didn’t miss a week.

So stay tuned and we should be back very soon!

Caleb (still on the road!)

We’re an iTunes Staff Favorite!


I got a text message this week from one of the Mighty 600,000 with the good news! The FightWorks Podcast was chosen as an iTunes Staff Favorite in the podcast section of the iTunes Store!

Since September 2005 we’ve worked very hard to bring you guys great content every Sunday, so this is a very rewarding moment for us. Our humble little Brazilian jiu-jitsu radio show will keep pushing forward to bring you the very best BJJ news and interviews out there. Sit tight, and thank you for being a part of the Family!

And get ready for tomorrow’s show, where we present our debut feature interview with Lloyd Irvin, and Brasa’s Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros who recently coached UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar to a submission victory!

BJJ World Championship Coverage

Okay so among very important questions about the 2010 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship like, “Who will be the next black belt champion in the middle weight division?”, or “Which BJJ team will win the team trophy?” are important questions like, “How can I follow the action without being there?”

So here’s a real quick rundown of how you can stay informed.

Live Video of the Event

Just like the 2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship a couple of months ago, Budo Video will be streaming the action to your computer for free in real time. All you have to do is register for an account at if you do not have one already. While there is no reason to expect any problems, I recommend registering in advance just in case there are any hiccups on the server that day.

Budo Videos will be streaming the action on Saturday and Sunday, focusing on the black belt action. Sunday is when the finals take place in each of those divisions, and as we mentioned the other day, the plan is for there to be a quick live interview with the winner after each finals match. I will be participating in the live video on Sunday as a commentator, working for Budo Video alongside Shawn Williams.

Here on The FightWorks Podcast

FightWorks Podcast cohost Dan and I will be arriving at the event Saturday, where we will be furiously working to bring you as much information as possible right there from the Long Beach Pyramid. I will be live blogging the action all day Saturday. I know that people will watch the live video on their computer and in a separate browser window they’ll have my live blogging open. This is because often times I will offer tidbits and details that you cannot get from the live video feed, simply because the online video will focus on one or two of the great jiu-jitsu matches at a time and I can offer an observation from more than one at a time.

Dan will be roaming the arena, getting photos, audio and maybe even video that we will use soon here on our site. As always, we will have another episode of our humble weekly BJJ radio show ready for you on Sunday!

Let’s Grab Coffee Sunday at the 2010 BJJ World Championships

The 2010 BJJ World Championship is this coming weekend! It’s going to be very busy, with our live blog of Saturday and our appearance on Sunday’s free video stream of the action. But one thing we love about these events is the opportunity to get face to face with the Mighty 600,000.

Here’s the deal: stop in and grab a coffee with us from 8 to 8:45am at the Starbucks Cafe & Lobby Lounge inside the Long Beach Marriott at 4700 Airport Plaza Drive in Long Beach. This is the hotel that the IBJJF had hooked up with a special rate for BJJ Mundial competitors, and it’s just down the street from the 2010 Jiu-Jitsu World Championship so I hope it’s pretty convenient for people.

Please stop in and say hello. It’s really rewarding to put faces to the Mighty 600,000.

Don’t worry, we won’t be there long enough for you to miss any of the black belt action that day, which begins at 10am. But this way we get to connect with the Family a bit, generate some content for our next show, and caffeinate before another long day of BJJ reporting! See you there!

Tournament Review Tuesday and the 2010 BJJ World Championship

JT Torres Lloyd Irvin
Jonathan “JT” Torres on his way to capturing the silver medal for light weight brown belts at the 2009 BJJ World Championship.

Just a very quick note to confirm something I mentioned on our Sunday show about the 2010 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship and Tournament Review Tuesday (TRT) here on As you know, TRT is an opportunity for folks to share their experiences at jiu-jitsu tournaments.

If you write a review of the 2010 BJJ World Championship and we publish it, you will be sent a FightWorks Podcast Gi Patch! Generally it is expected that if you write a TRT piece for us, you will have personally participated as a competitor in the event you’re writing about, but this time, do not worry about it. We are looking to convey all experiences of the 2010 BJJ Mundials from everyone’s point of view.

(Of course, if we have to reject your article because it doesn’t meet our quality standards on the site, you won’t get a patch. But we’ve never rejected any TRT piece so I am pretty confident it won’t be an issue here. I have to say so just in case.)

Looking forward to reading what The Mighty 600,000 can share about the most exciting BJJ event in the world!