UPDATE September 4, 2013: All of our gi patches are sold out! Thank you to those who’ve supported us!

Every member of the Mighty 600,000 is special. And we won’t love you any more or less if you have one of these sweet gi patches. But you will definitely look cooler than you did before. Here are the details!

The FightWorks Podcast Gi Patch

Large Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) patch with The FightWorks Podcast logo for your gi/kimono.

*Vibrant colors and detail
*Durable 100% polyester material – Satin or matte finish
*Soft “hand” – no raised feel, logo is part of the patch
Perfect for your gi lapel, pant leg, or across your shoulders!

Want to see what the patch looks like in a hi-res, wide format image? Click here to see the 1.2Mb original photo!

Please note that we create a map of where all the patches are sent. We like to see where this hardcore group of the Mighty 600,000 live. We only use postal codes when we put together the map, so no one can see what street address the patch went. In any case, if you don’t want to be included on the map, just email us and we’ll remove your zip code.

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