#264 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the Information Security Community with Jeremiah Grossman & Chris Hoff; Sitting Down with Slideyfoot!

RSA Conference Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Jeremiah Grossman (top row, third from left) and Chris Hoff (top row, fifth from left) at their annual BJJ Smackdown, held at the RSA Conference. The one and only Kurt Osiander is found between the two.

Who doesn’t dream of a day when golf is replaced by Brazilian jiu-jitsu as the default way to hobnob with business associates? Two of our guests today have been working hard in that direction for years in the information security community. Chris Hoff and Jeremiah Grossman are leaders in their field and make a point of setting up open mat training sessions at the important infosec conferences they attend. We’ll hear how these two security practitioners think about jiu-jitsu as a form of self defense versus a sport, and also ponder if Brazilian jiu-jitsu can be considered the ultimate hacking of martial arts.

Our second conversation is with the one and only Slideyfoot! Slidey’s been one of the premier Brazilian jiu-jitsu bloggers from the United Kingdom for some time. When we heard he’d be in San Diego, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to train together and talk jiu-jitsu. While his blog is popular perhaps his most enduring contribution is his work combining charity and – you guessed it – Brazilian jiu-jitsu. His efforts there can be found at grapplethon.org, and are highly recommended.

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5 Replies to “#264 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the Information Security Community with Jeremiah Grossman & Chris Hoff; Sitting Down with Slideyfoot!”

  1. Thanks for giving me the chance to plug the GrappleThon, Caleb! In case anyone is wondering, the write-up of training with Caleb is here: he has a nifty method for escaping side control. 😉

    If anybody would like to run their own GrappleThon, which would be awesome, I’ve got a brief guide here that may or may not help.

  2. Hi there – thanks for the awesome podcast.
    The link for the mp3 download is not working – it points to episode 263 instead of 264.


  3. @Just another bjj fan: Thanks! I thought I caught that before but I guess I was wrong. Much appreciated!

  4. Just fyi, the download to mp3 points to an mp4 which doesn’t exist. If you change the file extension to an mp3 it will download.

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