BJJ Poll: Would You Buy a Used Gi?

We know there are lots of choices when you buy a Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi. There are so many options out there that very elaborate rating systems have emerged for ranking gi choices, most notably by Aesopian.

Recently a good friend of the FightWorks Podcast recounted his recent success selling some very expensive BJJ gis on ebay. Even after wearing these gis for a while in training, he was still able to make a profit over the original price he paid for them!

So this week’s question is about your comfort level in buying someone else’s gi from them. Let’s face it: gis can get funky, sometimes they might attract an occasional bloodstain (hopefully your own blood, but gross nonetheless). But as my buddy’s story shows, there are definitely people out there who will buy used gis without hesitation.

What about you? Do you feel alright taking someone’s old gi off their hands in exchange for a few bucks? Why or why not? Let us know your opinion by voting in this week’s poll, and leave us your reasoning here in the comment section!

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3 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Would You Buy a Used Gi?”

  1. I’ve got no issues with buying a used gi: I have several. Particularly good idea if you’re at a school that enforces the unfortunate Gracie Barra gi rule. That includes me, so I have several off eBay. 🙂

  2. I’d definitely buy a used gi! I buy used gis and sell my own gently used ones all the time. It’s just like buying a used car. If it’s still got some miles left in it, use it!

  3. i have no problem at all with this. i mean have you ever loaned a buddy an outfit? and wore it again when they returned it???

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