BJJ Poll: How Do You Feel About Your Jiu-Jitsu Progress in 2012?

December is when we look back at the year and congratulate or curse ourselves based on the work we’ve done! Depending on our assessment of the year we then proceed to either reward ourselves with lots of holiday food and drink, or we punish ourselves with lots of holiday food and drink.

Regardless, the annual tradition of evaluation and introspection is sacred. You’ll (probably) thank us for forcing you to confront your jiu-jitsu progress or lack of progress with today’s poll. There are just two options:

  • I feel good about my BJJ progress in 2012
  • I feel like my BJJ didn’t improve enough in 2012

Please also share your thoughts about your jiu-jitsu in 2012 in this post’s comment section, as well as your plans for being awesome in 2013!

One thought on “BJJ Poll: How Do You Feel About Your Jiu-Jitsu Progress in 2012?”

  1. I feel very good about my BJJ progress. I’ve been training for a couple of years, maybe 5 but very inconsistent. I would usually show up 1-2x a week for a 2 months then completely disappear the following month.

    This year I finally made a commitment of training consistently average thrice a week, and it paid off. A silver finish at ADCC trials(beginners division) and a blue belt to end my year.

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