BJJ Poll: Which Metamoris Pro Match Are You Most Excited About?

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I was going to create a poll for us here at asking who you thought might win a given match at the upcoming Metamoris event in San Diego but Metamoris has already begun gathering votes for the winner of each match on their own site! So another interesting angle is to ask you, the highly informed and Mighty 600,000 which of all the great matchups you are most looking forward to.

Couple updates to the event in case you hadn’t heard:

  • Dean Lister’s opponent has been changed from Kevin Casey to Xande Ribeiro.
  • The match between Nelson Monteiro and Jean Jacques Machado was removed because Monteiro was injured in a recent car accident and is not healthy enough to fight.
  • The price for the online live streaming of the event has finally been announced: $19.95.

At a Glance:

Submission-only event among Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s best with twenty minute time limits for matches.
Where:​Viejas Arena, SDSU
5500 Canyon Crest Dr,
San Diego,
Tickets from $35.00-$350.00

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