Metamoris Pro and the ADCC North American Qualifiers in the Same City and Same Day

Here are a few scenarios that Brazilian jiu-jitsu folks dream about, but are actually too much of a good thing:

  • Your BJJ school’s mats being super clean all the time… because the one who scrubbed them with a toothbrush was you.
  • Getting the opportunity to learn some moves and be smashed in a one on one private lesson by your favorite BJJ heavyweight… for 10 hours.
  • Not one, but two highly anticipated BJJ events where the sport’s best talent faces each other… in the same city and same day.

The third example above is not hypothetical. It turns out that the highly anticipated Metamoris Pro was scheduled to take place in San Diego on October 14th, the same day as the ADCC North American Trials! We reached out to Riccardo Ammendolia, an organizer for the ADCC event to help figure out how the coincidence affects things from their perspective.

The FightWorks Podcast: When did you find out that Metamoris Pro was going to be held in the same town and the same day as the ADCC North American trials?

Riccardo Ammendolia: Around the same time everyone else did. I think it was about a month ago. But right before the official announcements were made, I had some fighters on the card, tell me about it.

The FightWorks Podcast: Will they be taking place at the same time of day, or can people attend your event and then go be a spectator at Metamoris Pro?

Riccardo Ammendolia: I believe the Metamoris event will begin around 3pm. But, let’s see if Brazilian time plays into affect…so maybe 3:30pm. Our event is set to start at 9am. We added an additional mat to try to ensure we could get the event done in a reasonable time. I think it’s safe to say if people are competing at the ADCC event or watching, they could always go to the other event after or catch the live stream.

The FightWorks Podcast: Do you feel like participation in the ADCC NA trials has been hampered at all by Metamoris being held on the same day?

Riccardo Ammendolia: Well…I think the Metamoris event is a great idea. I love the event and the matches. But it does no good for the sport to do the event on the same day and city. Either the promoters were purposely trying to hurt the ADCC North American championship…or ride the wave of spectators and fighters already in town. I do not believe that they had no knowledge that the ADCC event was taking the same day. As I was told some of the fighters mentioned it to them and was also told they said they were working in conjunction with ADCC. That is all 3rd party knowledge, however one thing’s for sure, the weekend could have been such an amazing weekend for the sport, had they chosen to do the event at another day or time. At the end of the day, nobody can receive an invite to ADCC by sitting home and watching that show. I wish them all the best, and I hope to watch the matches eventually. But the ADCC North American Championships will still happen. And the grapplers who want to achieve their dreams of one day competing amongst the best in the world have to compete to do so.

The FightWorks Podcast: What are some of the big names that have signed up to compete at the ADCC trials that day?

Riccardo Ammendolia: Joel Tudor, MacKenzie Dern, Ulysses Gomez, Gary Tonon, AJ Agazarm, Joe Camacho, Seth Smith, and Matt Arroyo are just some of the names who are coming.

The FightWorks Podcast: Will the ADCC trials be streamed online for those who aren’t present in person and want to watch?

Riccardo Ammendolia: The event won’t be streamed but every single match will be recorded and made available shortly after the event.

The FightWorks Podcast: Anything else you think folks should know?

Riccardo Ammendolia: Absolutely, the event registration ends this monday October 7th. This competition will in fact be the only qualifier for next years world championship. There will be another ADCC Qualifier next year to be announced later. However winners of the mens divisions of this tournament receive direct invites to the ADCC World championship. Also, even if you come and compete and lose, you still have a better chance of being invited than based on your credentials from other competitions. We want to see competitors who compete at ADCC events receive priority over others from now on. Every year, I receive people messaging me saying that they could be at this trial winner or claim that they deserve an invite. Well..this is your chance! If you don’t compete, you don’t deserve it. This is your chance to earn a spot to compete amongst the elite submission fighters in the world! For more information go to

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