#261: Ralek Gracie Introduces Metamoris Pro

Metamoris Pro BJJ event

Earlier this summer rumors began circulating in the community that an event was going to take place right here in San Diego and would include Roger Gracie against “Buchecha”! Could it be? The match is what jiu-jitsu enthusiasts have fantasized about since Buchecha appeared on the scene and dethroned other top challengers like Rodolfo Vieira! Other names like Galvao, Glover, Kron, Ryron, and more were whispered but not loudly as if even speaking them at normal volume might somehow magically jinx such a line up from coming to pass!

The rumors were true! In August we came to learn that an event called Metamoris will take place at San Diego State University on October 14th at 3pm. What’s more, it’s a submission only event with a 20 minute time limit! Currently the list of matches for the event is:

In today’s episode of The FightWorks Podcast we sit down with Rorion Gracie’s third son Ralek Gracie, who is one of the event organizers and an instructor at the Gracie Academy in Los Angeles. We also learn that the price for tickets at the event in San Diego ranges from $35 to more than $300. The event will be streamed live online. An official price for that is still forthcoming but Ralek promises it will be reasonable and in line with what the community is accustomed to paying for live jiu-jitsu online.

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3 Replies to “#261: Ralek Gracie Introduces Metamoris Pro”

  1. I would like to know what happens if the competitors go the full 20 minutes and neither has submitted the other. Will they call it a draw?

  2. I think this is an excellent concept for the sport of jiu-jitsu, i was hoping for a little more info on this show? i like the cost of paper view?, when will that info will be available? the show is only a few weeks away.

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