#260 BJJ in the Olympics with GracieMag Editor-in-Chief Luca Atalla

Luca Atalla
Luca Atalla showing a jiu-jitsu move in 2008.

In the same way you cannot turn on the news right now without hearing about the 2012 Olympics, if you follow Brazilian jiu-jitsu on the internet you will find someone on Facebook or a jiu-jitsu forum who has created some sort of petition to get jiu-jitsu in the Olympics. Is this realistic?

In the past, 36% of you have said “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (perhaps named without the word ‘Brazilian’) will someday be its own Olympic sport”, and 67% of you said that it would be a good thing if BJJ were an Olympic sport. People get even more excited when they recall that in 2016, the Olympics will be in the birthplace of jiu-jitsu, Rio de Janeiro.

Over the years, several observers have commented at greater length on whether BJJ could or should be an Olympic sport:

These commenters unanimously agree that jiu-jitsu will not be in the Olympics anytime soon, if ever.

We decided it might be interesting to get the perspective of someone who is a long-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert in all senses of the word, and invited the editor in chief of GracieMag, Luca Atalla. In this week’s show we bring you the conversation we had when we visited the Gracie Barra black belt’s Southern California home. His opinion may not be what you expected!

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