#259 Tap Cancer Out; BudoVideos’ This Week in BJJ

Tap Cancer Out BJJ Tournament
Image courtesy Tap Cancer Out.

Like many of us, Jon Thomas has been hooked on Brazilian jiu-jitsu since stepping foot on the mats the first time. Also like many of us, people he cares about have suffered greatly from cancer. What’s unique about Jon is that he has decided to do combine his passion for jiu-jitsu with his desire to end cancer by creating a non-profit BJJ organization to raise funds to fight the disease.

jiu jitsu brown belt
Radhames Familia Jr. wins his brown belt match at the inaugural Tap Cancer Out tournament in April 2012.

Today on our show we hear the story of Tap Cancer Out from Jon, a purple belt in BJJ. The organization recently held its very first tournament in April and was able to raise more than $22,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Even if this 501(c)(3) stopped tomorrow its contribution would be impressive, but according to Jon, Tap Cancer Out is just getting started!

We also hear this week from Budo Jake, CEO of Budo Videos. Budo Videos has recently begun producing a weekly jiu-jitsu video show called This Week in BJJ. The first-of-its-kind offering is recorded at their Los Angeles headquarters and features BJJ stars like Romulo Barral, the Mendes brothers (Gui & Rafael), and Bill “The Grill” Cooper. Like the FightWorks Podcast, you can download the show in iTunes. But what’s even cooler is that you can watch it filmed live on Fridays and interact with the hosts and guests via online chat! What a great time to be a BJJ fan! Jake shares all the details about the show in our conversation this week.

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