BJJ Poll: Has Your Jiu-jitsu Training Made You Change Your Diet?

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The FightWorks Podcast’s Cohost Dan is wondering about your health. He wants to know if there’s a cause and effect relationship between your jiu-jitsu training and a subsequent change in your eating habits. Of course, health is always a recurring theme in our dialogue on our humble BJJ radio show, but this time around Dan’s curiosity about your well-being ties in nicely with a conversation we had earlier this week with Rorion Gracie that will appear in tomorrow’s show!

Let us know if you changed your eating habits after you began training jiu-jitsu by voting in our poll above. We’d love to hear exactly how your diet is different, so leave us a comment too!


5 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Has Your Jiu-jitsu Training Made You Change Your Diet?”

  1. Jiu jitsu has had no real impact on my diet. I still love cheese, always eat cereal in the morning and can’t stop eating biscuits if I make the mistake of buying a packet.

    Age has had much more of an impact. I’ve noticed now that I’m over 30, my metabolism isn’t quite as super-fast as it used to be, so I can’t get away with stuffing my face with chocolate all day. That’s where jiu jitsu comes in: the more I train that week, the more I can pig out. 🙂

  2. Jiu jitsu has had a huge impact on my diet. Shortly after I began training, I overhauled my entire lifestyle (I was a 300lb smoker who drank and ate a lot of rich food.) I researched healthy eating and while I do not subscribe to the Gracie Diet, I would say the impact is far beyond the scope of the poll option “I try to eat more healthy.” I am committed to a diet that allows me to train harder, feel better and hopefully live longer.

  3. I’ve completely changed my diet for BJJ. But I agree with slidey, I think I eat a lot more now since I’ve changed my lifestyle.

  4. I had to change my diet. The standard American diet (SAD) wasn’t kind to my focus & energy levels. Once I learned how powerful changing dietary habits can be, I actually started going to school for it to help share what I’ve learned with others. In a definite way, BJJ (and martial art in general) have really helped change the course of my entire life.

    Really awesome poll, btw!



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