#257 Red Belt BJJ Documentary from Rio and the Top Five Most Underappreciated Legends

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Know the name Hywel Teague? If you don’t, you should. Hywel (pronounced “how-ell”) records some of the most popular Brazilian jiu-jitsu videos out there for BJJ Hacks. This British journalist and wizard of BJJ media lives in Rio de Janeiro and is now taking on the biggest project of his life: a full length documentary about the rarest breed of jiu-jitsu practitioners, red belts. His effort, called Redbelts: Grandmasters of BJJ is underway right now.

Pound for pound, there’s probably no higher concentration of jiu-jitsu knowledge than in a single one of these men, so a movie featuring lots of them is really something to be excited about. A small donation to the project would go a long way in helping to bring this movie to our community.

Our second featured content this week comes to us courtesy of the great guys at DstryrSG.com. These gents have been putting out some of the BJJ blogosphere’s most popular work for several years now, and they’ve come on our humble BJJ radio show to help spread the word about five (okay five-ish!) individuals whose contributions they consider underrated in jiu-jitsu. A worthy topic and the first of more conversations with these chaps, I am sure.

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