BJJ Poll: Does Your BJJ Academy Emphasize Drilling?

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We received this suggestion for a poll from Franck, a longtime member of the Mighty 600,000:

Hello Caleb
Just a simple question for a poll: Does your academy emphasize on drilling or not?
For me it makes a troumendous difference especially regarding the quality if rolling. The more you drill the better it is . I didn’t drill where i use to train before so rolling was pretty tough and hard , guys get got injured along the way.

Excellent question! Over the six years I have noticed that there are definitely some Brazilian jiu-jitsu academies who focus a lot on drilling and other repetitive motion training for techniques. Other schools certainly don’t spend much time on drilling.

Looking forward to what you guys have to say and how things break down. Be sure to leave us a comment here on the site and let us know what drilling is like at your school. Is it formally built in to ever class? Is it left up to the students to drill after class concludes?

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