BJJ Poll: Have You Ever Complained About a BJJ Referee Decision and Would You Referee?

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I was speaking with a BJJ purple belt I know recently who commented on how hard it must be to be a Brazilian jiu-jitsu referee at a tournament. “Sure, a lot of people criticize them, but how many of them would actually be a referee?” I wondered.

Then it struck me: why don’t we actually ask people whether they’re part of the group who complains about refereeing and see how many of them would volunteer to referee at an event themselves?

So, that’s the origin for today’s poll. Let us know what you think by voting. I am guessing more than a couple of the Mighty 600,000 out there have some memorable moment they could share in the comments section of this post!

3 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Have You Ever Complained About a BJJ Referee Decision and Would You Referee?”

  1. Hey guys big fan of the podcast! This pole did not give me an option to choose. So I understand the list would be endless if you catered to everyone. However I feel you did miss one important detail in the first two options which are “I am happy to be a referee” did you mean “I would be a referee”? Because if so then thats what I choose I have complained and I would be a referee. I have had referees more interested in other fights then mine and miss crucial points and advantages to the outcome of the matches and that goes both ways. I have won matches that I should not had because of that too. Well gotta go thanks for listening. Jiu Jitsu for life!!

  2. i’ve taken an ibjjf ref class. no way would i want to ref, even with training. i have never complained to a ref. but then i’ve only ever had to worry about a ref’s decision on a match once.

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