BJJ Poll: If You Had a Magic Wand and Could Become a BJJ Black Belt Tomorrow, Would You?

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The path to achieving the rank of black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is long. For the most gifted and hard-working BJJ students it’s still several years before they are promoted to black belt.

If your BJJ fairy godmother visited you and said, “Oh hard working grappler, would you like to be a black belt when you wake up tomorrow?”, would you accept her tempting offer?

Let us know what you would do by voting in the poll and tell us why by leaving a comment here on the site!

12 Replies to “BJJ Poll: If You Had a Magic Wand and Could Become a BJJ Black Belt Tomorrow, Would You?”

  1. No. It’s about the journey: BJJ would be no fun if you were magically good all at once. That would miss all those little moments of making progress, flashes of insight, shared experiences on development with your training partners, moving round different schools, etc. I love being able to look back on my training and see what steps I took to learn something, how I developed a particular aspect of my game, etc.

    To make a suitably geeky analogy, think of all the computer games you’ve ever ruined by using a cheat code or walkthrough. It’s boring when you don’t have to work for it.

  2. Im a No as well, when i got promoted first i was nervous and trained harder, more often and smarter to feel that i was worthy of the belt, and im currently in the process of doing that to earn my current belt, as slidey said, its about the journey as much as the destination, and if i never get to that level, which could well happen due to age, injury and starting late in life from a position of relative unfitness I would not have an issue with it, as the journey is most enjoyable. The belt only covers an inch of your ass, you have got to learn how to cover the rest.

  3. No, because I’d miss out on all the learning and aha moments along the way and the satisfaction of each promotion. I’d like the fairy to make it that I started it when I was younger.

  4. I would accept this offer and I put the effort in regardless, always have always will. They say the real journey only begins once you hit black belt and even if blessed with these skills you never stop learnin. I work full time and am only free several nights have barely as much bjj time as I would like. Not so bothered by the belt as the skills though 🙂

  5. Anything I’m proud of having accomplished has been made genuine by the years of dedicated effort put into achieving the goal. While being ‘magically’ gifted skills would be cool, it would also lack the sense of satisfaction one would have from truly earning the skills. Plus that magic wand might be used to take falsely-awarded skills away.

  6. I’m with slideyfoot, it’s all about the journey. At Roger Gracie Academy this week, visiting from GB Scotland and wouldn’t be much fun if you could go in and smash everyone. I’m a blue belt and rolled with a couple of purple belts this morning and did ok, which was more satisfying than being “magically” able to beat them.

  7. I would have clicked the “Hell No” option if it had been there.
    I miss my white and blue belts; I miss the lack of pressure that I felt wearing them. It has always seemed that every time I start to feel comfortable with my belt (when I don’t feel like a fraud) I get another stripe or belt, and it starts all over again. Competing was easier too; now at purple I feel the School’s patch on my back is like a giant weight getting heaver every time I step onto a competition mat, or visit another school. So no, I’m not longing to get to black belt tomorrow, but someday I will be.

  8. I’m a “no” aswell and i follow the rest of the nay voters in their train of thoughts.

    The thing i like so much about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is that belts are earned not given. You don’t do X amount of time, take an exam and get a new belt. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu teached me that if you want to accomplish something you got to work hard. That’s the beauty of a belt in my eyes and by magically gaining that knowledge would (in my eyes) undermine the very reason why i look up to black belts.

  9. No…defeats the purpose. LEARNING and EARNING is the purpose of the belt system for me. If I wanted it for the sake of having one…without the knowledge and training it represents…I’d go buy one for $14.99 at Budovideos.

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