BJJ Poll: Do You Have Cauliflower Ear?

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Cauliflower ears are not uncommon in participants of combat sports. Wrestlers may be the most well known group of those affected by cauliflower ear, but Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners have more than their fair share too. We’ve discussed cauliflower ears in the past here on The FightWorks Podcast and we even produced an entire episode of our show dedicated to discussing cauliflower ears in BJJ folks with an emergency room doctor who is now a BJJ black belt!

But longtime friend of The FightWorks Podcast and unofficial poll master Ross in Northern California recently pointed out that we’ve never run a poll on the topic. So here we go! It will be nice to have a ball park idea of the amount of cauliflower ear in BJJ folks. (Thanks for another great poll idea Ross!)

Let us know whether you have have cauliflower ear by voting in the poll above, and make sure to tell us any interesting cauliflower ear stories you might have in the comment section!

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2 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Do You Have Cauliflower Ear?”

  1. The most well known athletes in the world with cauliflower ears aren’t wrestlers, they’re Rugby players, specifically lock forwards and front rowers.

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