BJJ Poll: What is the Biggest Obstacle to Achieving Your BJJ Goals in 2012?

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At the end of 2008 we asked what your New Years Resolution for BJJ was going in to 2009. Cohost Dan and I were thinking of the new year we have in front of us in 2012 and wondered what types of things might prevent a jiu-jitsu person from achieving their goals for the year we now have ahead of us.

There are probably many things that could come between you and the BJJ glory you have cooked up in your head (a gold medal at the Mundials, maybe?), but Dan and I decided the five options in this poll would cover many common problems that we face. So which of the options above do you see as the biggest issue for you and your BJJ this year?

Let us know by voting in the poll, and in the comments section for this post, let us know what you plan to do to overcome the obstacle you voted for!

6 Replies to “BJJ Poll: What is the Biggest Obstacle to Achieving Your BJJ Goals in 2012?”

  1. The main issue for me is cramming training in around family and shift work. In an ideal world I would like more but shorter sessions so that it doesn’t impact to much on the whole day and I could still do the family stuff. I think the older you get the more this becomes an issue with kids, work, school, partner.
    My plan is to go once a week whatever happens and then increase from there once I have an accepted base level of training that my wife can deal with!

  2. Once I’ve fed the kids my wife lets me go off to training. There’s no BJJ where I am so I do judo 4 nights a week and the rest of the time it’s at the gym for weights and cardio work. All up about 10 sessions a week. I don’t work but it’s annoyng to have no BJJ club!

  3. Danny you are lucky ! …I tried to organized my schedule in order to train during lunch time but with the commute included , the kids and work , the kid after school program and what not it makes the schedule incredibly dense , … but i manage to train twice a week , and sometime I train home with friend on Sundays, I did have issues with my spouse regarding my commitment to Jiujitsu , but I had to make clear that it is not negotiable ,and that it is for the good of all if I can train , it brings balance to my life , and it is simply part of who I am . So even though it is difficult to balance all these aspects of my life ,I try to see this as a whole , Jiujitsu also applies off the mats in diverse situations ( we all know that) .Sso no matter what I keep a minimum of 2 session a week , and if I can go up to three session that’s even better, and beside that I do power yoga on a daily basis ( 15 to 25 minutes session ) and that really helps my jiujitsu. I enrolled my Kid to my Academy so we train together on Saturdays, with the benediction of my wife 😉 …. so this being said Happy new year to you all ! Thank you Caleb for the Awesome MG interview!!!

  4. Significant other and family is, and will always be my biggest hindrance to training. However, I was able to cram in 5am, lunchtime, and 3 club sessions every week last year. That kept me at around 12 hours per week, which was fantastic!

    That took no extra time away from the kids or work or date nights with the wife. They’re by biggest hindrance, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything (which includes an extra few hours to train).

    A tip for all you fathers out there. Help put the kids to bed, cook as often as possible, and work on your finger grip strength by giving back and shoulder massages to your lady. That’ll earn you at least an extra 2 hours of training per week.

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