#250 ADCC Wrap-Up

ADCC Grappling Champion Andre Galvao
Andre Galvao, gold medalist in the absolute and 88kg weight divisions at ADCC 2011. Photo courtesy Jon Shotter.

The 2011 ADCC Championship is behind us, and what an event it was. Anyone who was there in Nottingham or watched it live online will be quick to tell you that it was like watching a two-day long Hollywood action movie starring the world’s best submission grapplers.

This week on The FightWorks Podcast we will recap the 2011 ADCC action with San Diego’s own Kid Peligro, the author of The Gracie Way and many other Brazilian jiu-jitsu books. Kid has been present in person at every Abu Dhabi Combat Club championship since its beginning in 1998, so it’s difficult to find anyone who can analyze the action with such experience. We spend a few moments discussing every division (guys, girls, and absolute!) and compare this year’s event to those of prior years.

In addition, we bring you the type of exclusive content you are accustomed to hearing right here on the Audio Home of BJJ: an audio recording from the rules meeting held on the Friday afternoon before the tournament began. We received permission from the head ADCC referee Peter Ivanov to record his comments to all the athletes about the very unique rules in this important no-gi tournament.

The 2011 ADCCs were packed with submissions and nothing short of explosive. Join us in this review of last week’s action!

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2 Replies to “#250 ADCC Wrap-Up”

  1. Why does the ADCC head ref keep referring to the north/south position as 69? Really, 69? Crucifix is not allowed, but can opener’s are.. OK?

    I found that the rules changing in the finals maybe confusing to some fighters. I think having the same rules from your first match to your last makes more sense.

    I wonder if the grabbing the shorts negative points rule was in effect in the 2009 finals between Popovitch and Marcelinho.. when Popovitch grabbed his shorts like 7 times…….?

    In the slamming part.. if your opponent lets go of.. lets say a locked triangle.. while in mid flight slamming in defending it.. then you can not complete the slam.. I would like to see the self control in that one..

    That was really interesting audio..

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