BJJ Poll: When I Train Jiu-Jitsu, My Priority is…

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Have you ever noticed the different ways people behave in their Brazilian jiu-jitsu class? There are fellow students in class who train hard no matter what. Some of those people are going all out intentionally, and some of them just don’t know any different. Then there are people who can vary their training between dominating their opponent, and playful rolling. I think some of us tend to come in with very little goals other than to have fun, leave, and do it again the next day.

Which of these are you most like? Sure, you might fall into more than one of those categories depending on your mood or how mad your boss made you at work that day, but in general which of these is most like you?

Let us know by voting in the poll here and if you have any funny stories or comments share those too here on the site. Maybe you started off one way and now train differently. I’m curious!

3 Replies to “BJJ Poll: When I Train Jiu-Jitsu, My Priority is…”

  1. I would fit into the middle category (sometimes pushing hard, sometimes a lot easier going), and it usually depends on who I’m rolling with. However, I never just goof around in a roll.

    I wouldn’t say that I just go for the fun of it, however, I doubt I would continue if it wasn’t fun.

    The guys that just go hard, no matter what, are the ones I usually stay away from, esspecially if I’ve had a bad day at work. That is mostly because they tend to be the ones with the least technique.

  2. I agree with BJJ warrior. I am always serious during a roll but I don’t have to go 100% to be serious. In addition, I think a lot of younger upper belts do not realize that older practitioners and people with injuries have to be more careful when training.

    I can remember one warm-up being led by one of our upper belts (21 years old). I was the next youngest in my mid 30s. Everyone else was in their 40s and one guy was in his 50s (It was just one of those days). We are all in relatively good shape but we are not in our 20s. He started with a light jog, high knees, etc., and then he started to sprint. I’ll never forget what happened when he began to sprint. No one stopped jogging and kept the same pace. He ended up catching up to the person in the back and then had to slow down.

    We weren’t being rebellious, our bodies just didn’t comply.

  3. Im a girl in my mid 20’s im 167cm tall and weigh only 53 kgs. i love rollin with the guys in my class.. im not the serious type but i dont goof off either.. the guys are quite careful with me cos im small… in class i just do my best and try to remember the techniques and master it! BUT… one thing that keeps me from going back to class everyday are the sexy guys that go there.. all muscley, goodlooking with hard six pack abs.. im in my own little world. its a great sport for girls to cop a feel with these sexy guys…
    but hey im just saying.. lol

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