BJJ Poll: Which of These Do You Hate Most When They Happen at BJJ Seminars?

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BJJ seminars are great because they offer you a chance to become exposed to some really superstar BJJ talent that otherwise you’d have to travel to find. They are often the mainstay of celebrity BJJ athletes who just won a big tournament. Other seminars are common among well known instructors who’ve been around forever.

But just like not every restaurant you go to is incredible, not every seminar always lives up to its expectations. The idea for this week’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu poll came to me during a conversation with a jiu-jitsu buddy the other day when we were discussing jiu-jitsu seminars that were funny because they were… not ideal. But hey, in retrospect I’m glad I attended them anyhow. You always learn something when you go to a jiu-jitsu seminar, so that’s the important thing to remember.

So let us know which of the options in the above poll bothers you most in BJJ seminars: too pricey, too much warm up, too many impractical moves, or too many “good ol’ days” stories. If you have a funny seminar story or think there’s an option that outdoes all of those, make sure to let us know in the comments!

8 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Which of These Do You Hate Most When They Happen at BJJ Seminars?”

  1. Perhaps we should add an “all of the above” option? It’s often all these things happen at the same seminar.

  2. I agree with Brad. ALL OF THE ABOVE.

    You could also add a choice for hating the egomaniac tools that show up and feel the need to unnecessarily crank down on a move while practicing.

  3. How about when you go to a seminar with a very progressive-styled BJJ player, and they charge you an ass-ton of money to review armbars from guard?

  4. I hate when the instructor shows a technique and 3/4’s of the class stop drilling it after 5 or 6 goes each and then sit there listening to the class clown instead of drilling and showing the instructor the proper respect he deserves!

  5. do not even have to worry about any of this with Andre Tim Maia Monteiro,Renato Tavares! sucks to be you guys

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