#245 Jiu-Jitsu Mats Around the World Via BJJ Globetrotter Christian Graugart

Christian Graugart jiu-jitsu
Christian Graugart training Brazilian jiu-jitsu in one of the dozens of destinations on his trip. Click to enlarge.

Take a moment and fantasize about the Brazilian jiu-jitsu trip of your dreams. I’m guessing it consists of some time in or near Rio de Janeiro, or maybe even Sao Paulo, right? Maybe you want to go somewhere where English is the native language, so would you try San Diego or Los Angeles? Those are probably pretty typical destinations for lots of great jiu-jitsu in a relatively small area so maybe you’d schedule a week to go train hard and then go home.

If you are Christian Graugart, your idea of a dream BJJ travel adventure is a little less conservative than yours, my friend. Christian decided he wanted to experience the entire planet via jiu-jitsu and is now winding down a four month marathon of jiu-jitsu training and passport stamping. Documenting his odyssey at BJJGlobetrotter.com, he has now trained in more than twenty countries!

Among many others, the lessons from Christian’s trip include a) you only live once, so make it count and b) jiu-jitsu may indeed be the is best vehicle for meeting the rest of humanity. Oh, and c) pack more socks than you thought you needed!

Join us this week for a conversation with Christian and when you’re done, start planning your BJJ international marathon!

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Training jiu-jitsu in Moldova
A Moldovan jiu-jitsu enthusiast that Graugart encountered on his trip.

BJJ Travel trivia:

  • 13 percent of FightWorks Podcast poll respondents have been to Brazil to train.
  • 72 percent of FightWorks Podcast poll respondents bring their gis with them when they travel so they can train jiu-jitsu somewhere new.

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